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Enterprise tenet: Diligent and dedicated, striving for excellence, sincere mutual respect and keeping improving

Management idea: Establish triumphalism, take effective actions, work as a team, improve the level of participation and interactivity of group, improve the cohesion, creativity and executive force of enterprises, and create Hongbo people’s efficient and active work concept of courage to take responsibility, challenging and discipline but commitment.

Learning concept: Learning-based work, work-based learning and creation of learning-oriented enterprise

Quality concept: Quality is life, and there is no end to improving product quality

Service concept: Meeting customers’ demands is our demands, which is the new start of our work and the impetus for us to move ahead

Team awareness: Union is strength

Talent concept: Talent is the first resource of enterprises; and everyone has potential, and everyone reaches its prime

Market concept: The market always depends on customers’ praises and smiles, employees’ feels and behaviors, and the concept and selection of enterprises