Leader's speech

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Leader's speech

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Since its founding, Shandong Boxing Hongbo Precision Sheet Co., Ltd., making our duty to break foreign dependency of steel industrial chain and targeting at the double improvement of achieving economic and social benefits, upholds the enterprise spirit of “technology orienting, developing on innovation, striving for survival on quantity and treating customers with good faith”, puts “talent oriented, technology-leading and customer-first” management idea into practice and implements the industrialized construction of steel greatly supported by the state in the current stage. All employees are diligent and dedicated and strive for progress to make outstanding contributions in promoting the healthy development of the steel industry and in boosting the technical revolution of the steel industry.

Down-to-earth work with great care; and aim for the highest with broad mind Keep a foothold in Shandong, radiate across the country and open our eyes to the whole world. Facing the future, we only have one objective: Shape the excellent brand of China steel industry with “integrity and quality” on the basis of our strength and contributions to society, making steel industry enjoy great prestige internationally!

We firmly believe that Shandong Boxing Hongbo Precision Sheet Co., Ltd. will lead steel industry stride forward with the sense of urgency of “Time and tide wait for no man” and the sense of mission of “Who else but me” at steadier paces. Upholding integrity and open concept, our company would like to make progress together to create more glorious and resplendent tomorrow together!