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Therefore, we should pay attention to our own heart and mind at any time and place.

The heart is the master of man, with great power,

Therefore, we should pay attention to our own heart and mind at any time and place.

We have to contact a lot of people every day,

In frequent contact,

It is inevitable that there will be friction or conflict with others.

Or, because of the external things, affecting their own mood,

This is one of the common problems of modern people.

I want to keep a quiet heart,

It is a deep learning and it is not easy to do.

When we climb the mountain or stand on the beach,

The endless scenery makes us open our hearts.

At this time, the world’s troubles are disturbing,

Will disappear without a trace.

So some people say:

How big is the heart and how big the world is.

Our heart,

If you can also be as open as the wilderness, the ocean, and the sky,

Can accommodate unlimited things,

Also enjoy the freedom of life.

"If you are not open-minded, you will be bitter. If you are open-minded, you will be able to turn hard."

Zen emphasizes the three words "normal heart".

The so-called normal heart means

We are very aware of the right and wrong, the good and the bad, and the ugliness in the environment.

All the phenomena are clear at a glance, but they are not affected at all.

Even if you are in such an environment, you will not dance with the outside world.

It will not be affected by the various situations in the environment.

Once a person has a certain strength, it is not easy to be shaken by the external situation.

Being able to maintain physical and mental stability, I can see my situation clearly.

For what can and cannot be done;

The things that should be done and should not be done are also very clear.

This is wisdom.

If you want to keep your heart clear and stable, don’t let your heart turn.

"Heart turns with the environment" means losing his own master.

Always affected by the dynamics of the environment,

In other words, when the situation occurs,

Don't be immediately moved by the current environment.

The easiest way is to

Observe the feeling of sucking in and out of the nostrils,

Or observe your inner feelings,

Just focus on your body's feelings,

The mood will settle down.

In fact, troubles are not necessarily bad.

In fact, it is the foundation of a clear heart.

Because, for those who have good roots, when they are troubled,

I think this is a problem,

I hope to turn it into a quiet, clear heart,

At this time, the trouble is a kind of help.

and so,

If you understand wisdom and compassion to deal with problems,

I don’t always tie my heart, but I can be clear and comfortable.

No matter where you are,

All can maintain a calm, stable, independent, and comfortable state of mind.

Close your eyes and think about it,

Are you doing a lot of things because you are upset?

Are you often affected by the environment and by others?

Are you often angry at small things and not letting yourself go?

"There is no compassion in the heart;

There is no wisdom in the heart.