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Painted steel plate

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As the late-model building material arising rapidly and internationally in recent decades, the color-coated steel plate is formed by refining on the continuous unit through chemical pretreatment, rendering, precision coating and other technologies. The coating quantity is far more uniform, stable and ideal than the single spray coating or painting quality on the formed metal surface.

The color-coated plate has preponderant decoration, formability, corrosion resistance and high adhesive force of coatings, and can keep novel color and luster for a long time. The color-coated steel plate can achieve replacement of wood with steel, high-efficiency construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good economic benefits, which has become the ideal material in the current building slabs for manufacturing.

Generally, the color-coated steel plate is a product which is formed sequentially through surface treatment on the substrate, coating (roller coating) of coatings or bonding with organic thin-films and baking, which can be subjected to further processing to form the final product. It is called as “precoated steel plate” plastic steel plate at abroad. During delivery, the product has coated with beautiful colors or decorative designs, which can also be called as “color-coated steel plate”. The domestic designation of color-coated steel plate is popular, which can be called as “color-coated sheet” or “color plate” for short. The specification of the main color plate of the company: Thickness of 0.15-0.8mm, and width of 750-1,300mm; unit speed: 120m/min; and coating category comprises polyester, silicon modified polyester, polyurethane, polyvinylidene fluoride, superpolyester, epoxy resin, acrylic acid, etc. The production line has the ability of producing building plates, home appliance plates and other medium and high-grade products. The line, applying the dual-coating and dual-baking production technology, is complete in procedures, and the drying furnace is equipped with an electric heating direct hot air circulation system.

The company possesses the color-coated production line, with design specification of 0.15-0.5*800/1,250 and design capacity of 300,000 tons/year

Advantages of the production line:

· The production line is in the turn-back type design, which saves floor area greatly

· The sheet strip connector is subjected to butt welding, which avoids strip breakage effectively

· Korean temperature control equipment is used for the drying oven, making temperature difference of the drying oven less than or equal to 3℃.

· Two sets of precision coating rolls, rapid conversion and timely supply.

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