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Marketing network

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ISBN 7-900186-56-5/K·108, the drawing number is: GS (2009) No. 258.

The website map is mainly published by China Map Publishing House. The book number is ISBN 7-900186-56-5/K·108, and the drawing number is GS (2009) No. 258.

With our products selling well all over the country and growing in strength, Hongbo continues to improve its management, production and efforts to integrate its products with the international market with its visionary and arduous entrepreneurial spirit, and actively and steadily expand its foreign markets.

Through the hard work of Hongbo people, the company's products have sold more than a dozen landlocked countries and island countries with different levels of demand, such as France, Oman, India, Russia, Malaysia, Seychelles, Pakistan, etc., and have gained good market feedback and customers. Faithful trust.

We will always work together with every world friend in the "sincere and trustworthy, create a win-win situation", and work hard to improve ourselves.